Best Football Equipment

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What are the Best Football Equipment

SKLZ Football Training System - 4-in-1 Essentials Kit

The Football Training System brings together all of the core football training items in one cohesive package. The best players in the world spend countless hours training during the off-season and in preparation of games.

Schutt Youth Flex All Purpose Youth Shoulder Pad (X-Small)

The Youth Flex is a lightweight design with an economical price that still offers the strength and protection of AiR Flex technology, including raised corrugations.

Consumer Reviews
  • “They are very sturdy and nicely made.” – Tab
  • “These are the real deal.” – Julie
  • “After 4 years and hundreds upon hundreds of hits, they are heavily battle scarred, but still fully functional and the integrity of the padding and plastic seems fine.” – Witch Doctor

Franklin Sports Pretend Shoulder Pads

Franklin Sports Non-Performance Plastic and Foam Shoulder Pads are NOT for use as protective equipment in football or any other contact sport. These shoulder pads are perfect for costume, dress-up or under your favorite team’s jersey on game day.

Consumer Reports
  • “Very poorly made.” – Carol Lyons
  • “He wants real shoulder pads.” – Spiderman
  • “We purchased these shoulder pads for our 2 year old’s football Halloween costume and they were perfect!” – les

Wilson Pro Kick

Sturdy all metal Football holder

  • “Now I don’t have to get somebody to hold my football I can just put it in this cool thing and kick away.” – Sean
  • “It was better quality than I expected (well built.)” – Denise Fitzpatrick
  • “We have purchased two of these holders and both have broken within a few weeks of buying them.” – Happy Customer

Passback Football - Junior Size (13 and Under) - Rubber
Passback football

Football Sizing & Age Group Guide: Official Size 9 (Age: 15+), Intermediate Size 8/Youth Size 7 (Age: 12-14), Junior Size 6 (Age: 9-11), Pee-Wee Size 5 (Age: 8 and under), Mini Size 3 & Micro Mini Siz

  • “I love this football because my son can practice throwing and catching when there is no one available to play with him.” – Blytherunner
  • “Received items sooner than listed date!” – lar
  • “My son LOVED this football.” – Ursula Banks

NCAA Youth Composite Football

Greatness starts here. The careers of pro football players have all begun on youth league fields. And Wilson has been there for every step of the journey- from the backyards to the bowl games.

Product Reviews
  • “Easy to throw and a good grip.” – Byron Lasseter
  • “Well constructed with a good grip feel.” – Chris C.
  • “This is a great football, if you’re looking for something cheap and good quality..” – Rocky Poullath

NFL Dallas Cowboys Deluxe Youth Uniform Set, Small

National Football League Deluxe Youth Team Uniform Set from Franklin Sports includes a team logo helmet with chin strap, team logo jersey with shoulder pads, team pants and a iron-on number kit (#’s 0-9).

Buying Guides
  • “The material is great and after Halloween he still wears the costume to watch the redskins play and pretend he is a football player.” – Manuraj V. Sharma
  • “5 year old grandson loved it!” – Judy Vander Veen
  • “He loves the helmet and the shoulder pads are removable. ;) – Kimberly Vuksic

Wilson F1845 NFL Ultimate Composite Game Football (Official Size)

Wilson, NFL Ultimate Composite Official Size Football.

Expert Advice
  • “This ball looks great, feels great to catch, easy to grip, kicks well, it is certainly game-worthy.” – Motter
  • “If you are looking for a football that has grip and easy to throw a perfect spiral this football is for you.” – Jackie Curtis
  • “As a family we like throwing and kicking the football around the backyard or park as a fun activity, and this football is perfect.” – Scott Turner

Rawlings Boys' F1500P Football Pant (Black, Medium)

Rawlings integrated youth practice pant with built in pads.

Nerf N-Sports Weather Blitz Football, Green

Show off the awesome power of your quarterbacking arm with the Aero Howler football. These are The Farthest Flying Footballs. The ball has a hand grip so you can target your passes better.

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